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Wellness Program Customization

Customized Packages for Licensees

We can provide customized Wellness Inventory licensing packages to serve both your client's and your own business needs. For branding purposes the Wellness Inventory can be private-labeled with your company's graphic header. Customized packages also include custom demographics, demographic group reporting, individual client management and customized resource centers.

Custom Group Demographic Reports

This premium feature allows licensees to customize the demographic categories filled out by users on the Wellness Inventory registration page. The demographic categories are used for composite group Wellness and Satisfaction score reports (in each of the 12 dimensions of wellness). Group reports can be run on single and multiple demographic variables. Our current set demographics are included with the license. If desired, you can create a custom set of demographics to be used with your clients, patients or employees (premium service).

Customized Resource Centers

The 12 Wellness Resource Centers contain resources (Classes, Workshops, Products, & Services) to assist your client, patient or employee in attaining their specific wellness goals. The current Wellness Resource Centers have been populated with carefully-selected resources.

As a premium service, a licensee has the ability to add their own programs, services, products, classes, seminars, and coaching, to supplement the existing resources in the 12 Resource Centers. The licensee's own resources appear at the top of each of the 12 respective resource centers. Resource may be added via your online administrative editor.

Customized Client Management

Administrators may have access to individual user results to facilitate a one-to-one coaching relationship. Client management provides access to individual client Wellness and Motivation scores, Wellness Plans, and Progress Tracker, as well as communication. (This feature is not included for worksites wellness programs, due to employee privacy issues).

Co-Branding & Private Labeling

Co-branding and private-labeling options are available. You may contact us directly to discuss.

Professional & Organizational Licensing Programs

We offer a professional licensing program for individual health professionals, wellness, fitness and spa profesionals, consultants, wellness coaches, life coaches, executive coaches and therapists who wish to utilize the Wellness Inventory to facilitate 1-on-1 coaching/counseling, as well as an organizational licensing program to hospitals, worksite wellness programs, universities, wellness centers, spas, health clubs, and senior care and independent living centers. For more on licensing, click here

The read testimonials from various licensees, click here.

For more information

For more information about licensing and customization, please contact:

James Strohecker
HealthWorld Online



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University program based on the Wellness Inventory receives American College Health Association award for innovation in student Wellness.
"a foundational wellness tool!"
Stanford Research Institute

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